Independent and focused corporate finance advice

EPL Advisory LLP, founded in 2008, is a financial advisory business which is focused primarily on public companies. We advise companies on mergers and acquisitions, public takeovers, capital raising and general strategic issues. Public market transactions include advising Unicom, a privately held American company ,on its acquisition of Macro 4 (2008), advising Chime Communications on its recommended share offer for Essentially Group (2009), Rule 3 advice to Melrose on its share for share merger with Petroceltic (2012) and Rule 3 advice to Eredene Capital (2015). We have advised Chime Communications (2010,2011,2013) and Imagination Technologies (2010) on public market capital raising. We also  assist boards of directors in determining whether or not they have a problem which needs addressing with particular reference to the requirements and disclosure obligations of the public markets.

EPL Advisory works both with listed companies and those whose shares are quoted on AIM. Many directors do not realise that the disclosure obligations cover not only issues such as an expected downturn in profit but also matters such as the loss, potential loss or variation of a key contract. These issues can be very difficult to address. EPL Advisory will work with the board to analyse effectively the issue of concern and recommend the appropriate course of action. EPL Advisory also offers the opportunity for a second opinion on a particular planned course of action. Although EPL Advisory will consider advising on any issue which is of concern to a board the most likely topics are shown below.

  • Mergers and acquisitions and capital raising
  • Disclosure obligations under the Disclosure and Transparency Rules
  • Concern at the impact in the public markets of a particular announcement
  • Review of relationship with sell-side analysts
  • Acceptability of a proposed Rule 3 adviser (under the Takeover Code)
  • Second opinion on a proposed course of action

The founding partner of EPL Advisory is David Anderson, an investment banker with a 28 year history advising boards of public companies. His experience includes 17 years at Lazard in London, New York and Asia, 2 years at Vodafone and 6 years at Cazenove and JP Morgan Cazenove in London. His CV is available on request from or 07748 776433.


EPL Advisory LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. EPL Advisory LLP is a limited liability partnership OC 337020.